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Monday, 18 January 2016

TG2 - The Great Surrey Bike-Off: Where to Cycle in Surrey

Surrey is a cycling haven – arguably (and certainly in our opinion) the finest county for cycling in the UK. So as it's January, and you'll want to get those legs pumpin' and that heart racin', we thought we’d give you a cycling bonanza. Enjoy…

Surrey Cycleway

Who's it for? Anyone - it is what you make of it...

We'll open with a general one - a 9 mile short, flat trail that most of us could muster, or the full 94 mile loop and everything inbetween. Whatever your level, there will be something for you along the route. Check out the link below on the Travel Smart Surrey website to find out more.


Cranleigh to Rudgwick Circular

Who's it for? Those who want a bit of a workout, or just entering cycling training

A well-assembled route for those who want a 45 minute to an hour of Surrey to West Sussex cycling joy. Part of the famous ‘Downs Link’ cycling route, this can even be attempted by families with older children – some road riding and some not, so a great mix is available here.


Cranleigh to Winterfold Hill Climb

Who's it for? Those who want a fun, countryside ride with a sprinkling of intensity to get the quads working

A nice little 7 mile jaunt amongst the countryside, with just the ascent into Winterfold (how ‘Game of Throne-y’ does that sound?) providing a bit of a burn.

Otherwise comparatively genteel, this is a great one for newbies looking to up their cycling skills.


The Ockley TT

Who's it for? Anyone and everyone – 11 miles of smooth sailing, and there are pubs along the way…

A great experience of rural Surrey, this lovely two-wheeled jaunt takes you from Ockley round Forest Green over to Ewhurst, through Oakswoodhill and back to Ockley.

Essentially, you’re doing a large circle around Gatton Manor. Lovely…


Box Hill Cycle

Who's it for? Either families or the zippy path-rider. It’s a fun experience, and you can make of it what you will…

This is arguably the most famous cycling hot-spot in Surrey. Enjoy cycling with your family through pretty leafy woods, which are mainly flat but with a few gentle slopes for children to have fun freewheeling down.

Alternatively, there are many steep, challenging paths for the experienced biker, especially near Happy Valley and the Winter Road.


Guildford to Haslemere via Box Hill

Who's it for? The epic bike-riding expert. Undulating winds, climbs and fast descents – a thrilling experience, and over 60 miles long.

What did we just say about Box Hill? This is a far more intense route, however, with so many Surrey beauty spots along the way.

There are simpler options if you are looking for a slightly less intense finish, as the hardcore route will challenge all but the Wiggins’ and Froomes’ of this world. Tough, but rewarding…


Alice Holt

Who's it for? Oh this is for the family – and it couldn’t happen in a nicer place…

Leafy Alice Holt forest, how we do love thee.

Not content with housing Go Ape and being generally beautiful, they also have lots of lovely cycling opportunities, including a three mile trail featuring plenty of woodland and picnic opportunities. Perfect for an active day out for everyone.


The North Downs Way

Who's it for? Well, you’d have to be ruddy good to do the whole ruddy thing – but it’d be worth it…

Well, as the website says: “Follow in the footsteps of pilgrims on an inspirational 153 mile journey from Farnham to Canterbury and the White Cliffs of Dover through a beautiful landscape rich in heritage.” We don’t need to tell you that that is a long way, but you could pick bits. It’d be amazing if you do it though…


Surrey Hills Day Trip

Who's it for? Those looking for a tough day of cycling complete with valuable advice – perfect for those training for bigger events…

Courtesy of the good people at Just Pedal, this is a great guided day out for enthusiastic cyclists.

For those training for a large event or charity challenge these day trips also provide a great opportunity to gain knowledge from industry experts on all things cycling. There is a weekend option too…


And Finally…

All Biked Up

Who's it for? Mountain bikers!!

We had to give a shout to our friends at All Biked Up. The best thing about this sport, of course, is that you simply need a suitable bike, safety equipment, and practice.

However, if you really want to get good (and trust us when we say: fast) then visiting the professionals such as All Biked Up for Skills Training and Experiences is a very good idea indeed…


TG2 - The Great Surrey Bike-Off: Where to Cycle in Surrey:

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