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Wednesday, 1 April 2015

TG2 - The Guide 2 Surrey Entertainment

TG2 - The Guide 2 Surrey Entertainment:

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Surrey modbeat collective brings the brings the to Bisley Pavilion for their biggest event yet on April 18th…

Over the last few years the duo of Vince and Hillsy, aka ModernisM, have been not-so-quietly dropping the feverish sounds of soul, funk, house and hip-hop around Surrey. Dedicated to grooves both retro and modern, the pair have won a loyal following thanks to regular shows at Guildford’s Boileroom and airplay on Kane FM.

Their events have begun to draw the cream of the UK’s ‘modbeat’ scene but this April 18th sees ModernisM pull out all the stops to host the biggest night so far at no less at Surrey’s soul home, the Bisley Pavilion.

“This is by far the biggest event we’ve done so far,” says organiser Vince. “The reason being we wouldn’t have been able to fit everyone we wanted this time in at the Boileroom. But Hillsy wanted to get at least 500 people in to this one and we’ve done it thanks to the Bisley Pavilion.”

We’re not talking about just an evening but a whole day dedicated to the finest Mod, Soul, Funk and Rock’n’Roll the UK has to offer. Together with Holroyd Events, ModernisM have teamed up to provide a full day and evening schedule of tip-top bands and DJs for you to see, sing and get the hell down to.

The artists include UK soul’s shining lights Smoove & TurrellStone Foundation and The New Street local acts likeBirdsworth.

“It’s taken a lot of negotiation and lots of late nights to pull this off,” said Vince, “but everyone’s on board. It helps that [the artists] all know each other and perform together.

So what can the audience expect on the 18th? “Musical magic! IT’s such a varied amount of music, not just soul. There’s six or seven DJs that are going to throw it about. The Pavilion know exactly what they’re doing with the bars, food and security. Everyone’s going to be well catered for.”

But topping off the day’s festivities with a late night set is perhaps the most visible (audible?) figure in the genre these days: Actor and DJ host of Radio 6 Music’s Funk and Soul Show, Craig Charles.  

Look out for our exclusive interview with Craig Charles in April’s issue of the Guide 2 and here at the Guide 2 Surrey.

Tickets for ModernisM at Bisley Pavilion on April 18th are for £32.50 Inc. fees. Follow ModernisM on Facebook

There are very few tickets left so don't delay!


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