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Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Dubai-style complex to replace Guildford Casino - Get Surrey

Dubai-style complex to replace Guildford Casino - Get Surrey:

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The envisaged Quadrant development
Nightclub owner Michel Harper plans to demolish Guildford’s Casino and open a new £19 million landmark complex in the town centre by 2017.
Replacing the nightclub between Onslow Street and Bedford Place with a multi-purpose seven-floor complex has been a dream of Mr Harper’s for many years.
He says he has planning permission for the huge complex, to be called the Quadrant Development, and it will be designed by Tom Wright, the architect behind the Burj Al Arab sail building in Dubai.
Mr Harper has secured a Lawful Development Certificate – backing up planning permission he already held – so all the legal boxes have been ticked.
Now he feels the time is right to proceed and he is actively seeking organisations to sign up to let various parts of the property, so that work can begin.
Billboards advertising the scheme have gone up outside Casino and the Mambo bar, and brochures have been produced.
The development is pitched as appropriate for offices, a gym, a health spa, medical premises, restaurants, retail, banks, car showrooms, department stores and casinos.
However, a casino cannot open in Guildford under government rules.
Mr Harper said he would consider letting the whole building to one organisation if that proves appropriate, but he has no plans for another big nightclub.
The brochure reads: “The development will offer prospective tenants a way to place their brand in one of the UK’s most affluent cities.
"The architecturally interesting copper-clad exterior will provide a striking development in the heart of Guildford town centre.”
Mr Harper said: “Guildford is changing. The council has a new fervour for developing the town centre. With a town centre plan in progress, it feels like an appropriate time.
“Interest rates are at their lowest and there is an optimistic atmosphere for the economy and development.
“We think this is the right window to bring this project, which will improve the town for everyone.
“The heart of the town centre is going to be rejuvenated, and from what I’ve seen of the provisional plan, my building will become the centre of Guildford.”
The agents for the scheme are Lewis Craig and Ferwood Commercial Property Consultants.
Mr Harper added: “Tom Wright came here on his motorbike with his plans. He is a very nice guy.
"The building is very attractive and it is designed to be a landmark and unusual for a county town. This isn’t something I usually do. It’s a big project. This is my pyramid.”
Mr Harper said he had been communicating with Guildford Borough Councilmanaging director Sue Sturgeon and leader of the council, Councillor Stephen Mansbridge.
“As a Guildford man, born and bred, I am very excited that my dream is coming to fruition,” he said.


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