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Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Visa Fee Waiver for Tourists Coming to Malaysia - Expat Go Malaysia

Visa Fee Waiver for Tourists Coming to Malaysia - Expat Go Malaysia:

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visa waiver
Photo credit: oldandsolo / Foter / CC BY
The Malaysian Government has announced a waiver on visa fee for tourists, including those from China. The visa free waiver was announced in yesterday’s 2015 Budget Revision by the Prime Minister, as a strategy to boost Malaysia’s tourism industry.
The prime minister also announced other measures in his speech to help boost the tourism industry, such as increasing the frequency and duration of mega sales nationwide and intensifying domestic tourism promotions with competitive airfares.
The Budget 2015 is being revised to ensure sustainable development and resilience of the economy. The government is setting up actions and policy interventions to handle the changing economic scenario caused by the oil price slump.


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